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Steve Jobs’ Speech at Stanford and American Values



Many life stories and values have been experienced differently by everyone. It is also for Steve Jobs, a CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios who told some of his meaningful and inspiring life stories in a speech at Stanford University for the Commencement Day.

Steve Jobs divided his life stories into three crucial points. The first one is about connecting the dots. He said that he began finding his true passion during a college journey. In that period, he felt that he didn’t find any value at all and then decided to drop out. However, he still took the calligraphy class where he learned about serif and san serif typefaces and typography. It was then led him to his biggest interest and his beginning of success by designing the first Macintosh Computer into Mac. This first work was succeedly included as the first computer in beautiful typography which would have been impossible as if he had not decided to drop out. He therefore convinced that Continue reading Steve Jobs’ Speech at Stanford and American Values


Exploring Cultural Values in Indonesia: Work Ethics of Bugis-Makassar Ethnic Groups on Proverb


Indonesia is one of the populated countries with widely varieties of ethnic group which spreaded around Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes, Moluccas, Southeast Nusa, and Papua. From those diversities, each ethnic group is well-known to its custom in moving to other places and seeking for a living, including to Bugis-Makassar ethnic groups. These ethnics are two different groups of the same native people in South Celebes of Indonesia who are both familiar to democratic view of governance and oceanic life. In any success story, these ethnic groups often be heard about their success story in their wanderings. For example, a meeting held by Indigenous Bugis-Makassar Community that will always present the wanderers of Bugis-Makassar working as entrepreneurs or other professions and have reached their success talking about their secrets of success. It is then become a continual story in society which is therefore constructed a belief to the wanderers of Bugis-Makassar as people with high work ethics. Yet, there is also a gap towards those acknowledges of success stories. The success stories of Bugis-Makassar wanderers mostly relate to others’ poverty who still live around Bugis-Makassar area, especially for those who working as a farmer. Then, there is an opinion emerged that Continue reading Exploring Cultural Values in Indonesia: Work Ethics of Bugis-Makassar Ethnic Groups on Proverb

Eksistensi Filsafat sebagai Ilmu Pengetahuan

philosophy graphingSebuah semboyan mengatakan bahwa “setiap manusia adalah filsuf” karena hakikat manusia adalah berpikir walaupun tidak semua manusia yang berpikir adalah filsuf. Filsafat sebagai hasil akal dari seorang manusia yang mencari dan memikirkan suatu kebenaran dengan sedalam-dalamnya. Dahulunya, mitos adalah anggapan umum yang dianggap benar berdasarkan kepercayaan tanpa pembuktian. Kemudian dengan adanya filsafat, ilmu pengetahuan berusaha mengubah “yang ada” dari common sense atau anggapan umum menjadi “yang ada secara logis” atau “rasional”.

Eksistensi mempersoalkan tentang keber-Ada-an. Kata dasar eksistensi (existency) adalah exist yang berasal dari bahasa Latin ex yang berarti keluar dan sistere yang berarti berdiri. Jadi, eksistensi adalah Continue reading Eksistensi Filsafat sebagai Ilmu Pengetahuan