Alifah, with a full name – Nur Alifah Annisa Jumrah – is also known as Irga. She was born on November 26th, 1993 as the eldest child in her family. She is an Indonesian with her father’s ethnic is Bugis and her mother’s ethnic is Makassarese and Malay.

Alifah attended school starting from early childhood education in an army-based owned kindergarten when she was five years. She is then continued her school in some local public institutions for primary education, lower secondary education, and upper secondary education with specialisation of natural sciences. Next, she spent her college life in Hasanuddin University, Indonesia taking bachelor of arts in English language and linguistics and graduated with honors. Alifah has also involved in some organizations and communities throughout, like youth science group, muslim youth association, university’s enterpreneurship society, and local writers community. She has also participated in varieties of seminar, training and workshop, like basic study skill, generation change, entrepreneurship, business plan, fiction and non-fiction writing, teaching communicative grammar, etc. Also, involving in community service/volunteering, internship, and freelancer.

Her hobby is writing, watching, and learning everything related to language, creative arts, media, philosophy, and intercultural matters. She is happy to live each day with grace and peace of mind, enlighten mind with any knowledge, flourish insight from experiences and surroundings, and be useful to any little things at anywhere and anytime. She lives in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Hope this blog can be useful to everyone! Any criticism and suggestion addressing to all the posts are extremely welcomed. Thank you all for your visit and time!